(photo by iSGTW http://www.isgtw.org/?pid=1002233)
GeoChronos (www.geochronos.org) is a site for the scientists in the Earth Observation Science community to collaborate and share data. This article discusses how the researches came to choose ELGG. The story is pretty familar. They start as a group on Facebook, but they want more features. Then they move to Ning but they want less ads and they need to own their own data. Finally they find ELGG. It looks like they will also be developing new modules for data collection. From their about page:
Collaboration capabilities of the GeoChronos platform will be achieved through the use of a model-driven architecture that allows for new data sources, and new applications to be quickly integrated into the platform by scientists. Integrating tools, data, and computing resources into a single platform will enable the automation of scientific workflows. The platform will provide tools for developing a web accessible spectral library, allowing Earth observation scientists to contribute to, and query a database of spectra. The spectral library will support rich metadata necessary for interpreting observed spectra. The overall goal is for the platform to become a one stop shop for Earth observation science.
I am looking forward to seeing how there work progresses. I think there is tremendous potential for ELGG to support communities of practice
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