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Enterprise Proven eLearning Platform

The Open Source Alternative to BlackBoard, WebCT, and others

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Solution Grove uses widely adopted enterprise-class open-source software for supporting learning and research. Originally developed at MIT, our platform is now used by nearly half a million users in more than eighteen countries worldwide.

Core Capabilities

  • Collaborative Learning and On-line Communities
  • Class, community or event Registration
  • Content management including Learning Objects
  • Back Office Administration and Legacy System Integration
  • Pedagogical Innovation

Overall Platform Benefits

  • Enterprise Class Platform accessed by tens of thousands of users daily
  • Low total cost of ownership with no licensing fees or per user costs
  • Flexibility to innovate with rapid development capabilities

You can learn more at the .LRN Consortium website: http://www.dotlrn.org or browse below for examples of how Solution Grove has implemented this powerful application for our clients.

Solution Grove Clients